samedi 28 février 2009


Brunch is defined as a meal eaten late in the morning as a combination of a late breakfast and early lunch. I love it because it gives me the best of both meals. And brunch at home is undoubtedly a nice thing but sometimes it’s even better at a great restaurant. I noticed though that while Parisians love to brunch it seems to be generally reserved for Sundays. As a consequence, it can be a bit difficult to find a nice place for a Saturday brunch. Fortunately we discovered a place very close to home.
Les Bonnes Soeurs can be found on one of the side streets of the Place des Vosges. It’s a cosy and convivial place with cheerful wooden chairs and tables. Its wide glass window exteriors allow you to enjoy a partial view of the beautiful Place des Vosges. Their brunch menu is pretty good. There is a formule which gives you a basket of viennoiserie to start with (they even had dark bread with muesli and nuts!) and then a choice between three ways of cooking your eggs (scrambled, sunny side up or fancier a la eggs Benedict) and a selection of sides like bacon or smoked salmon to go with it. And did I mention that fries and a green salad come along with your eggs? They were pretty good. Of course we’re at brunch so they didn’t forget about the sweet part so you have a choice between pancakes or waffles you finish your eggs and bacon. Needless to say we were completely stuffed at the end of our meal and quite happy about it. Good food, a cosy ambiance and great company, that’s what I call a great Brunch!

Les Bonnes Soeurs
8 rue de Pas de la Mule 75003
01 42 74 55 80
UPDATE: I am happy to report that the great experience I had at this place was not a fluke. I've subsequently been back twice and each time the food and service has not disappointed. Red Addict will agree with me that this is one address to keep. Another point we agree on is that their chocolate au lait mousse with caramel is divine!!!