dimanche 23 décembre 2007

What and Why I Read

Pour répondre à la question de the Red Wheelbarrow (charmante librairie anglo-saxonne):

What and Why i read? Hard question and at the same time so simple.

Reading has always been a tradition in my family, so i was hooked as a kid. The trips to the library were ritual, and i loved them. And even through teen years when you are supposed to reject every tradition, i still loved reading.

But then now as i grown-up, i wonder why i read so much, and i guess there are a few reasons. Yes i read because i love learning new things, and books are a way for that, but i read too to escape reality. Because life is hard, tough, and sometimes it is much better to spend a day reading the story of somebody else than confront yours. Sad, i know, but that's my way of dealing with life.

And when i see a bookstore i am drawn to it, i am like a kid in a candy store. I look, look, and escape as fast as i can, so i am not going to be tempted. I feel sometimes like a drug addict trying to battle his/her addiction. But it feels good to see so many opportunies to learn, travel, or be somebody else for a few hours of time.

Everywhere i go, i take a book (or a few). that's my security blanket. If any (bad situation) arrives, i can confront it as long as i have a book. If i am stuck and need to wait, i have a book. If am bored at a dinner, i know i have my book, and i know i could (theorically) just read instead of being bored (though i have never the guts to do it yet). Books are my stick to go on in life.

Books are just not books, they are moments of hope and relief as well as music and movies.

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