dimanche 6 janvier 2008

A little bit of heaven

Today there was a bit of sun in the morning. It was lovely to feel it on my face as I walked. This season being winter, it didn't last very long, and before I knew it, the sky was gray with clouds that threatened to pour. It is a day to stay home in fact, preferably under the covers with a mug of hot tea. It is during these days when I miss most the warmth of a tropical sun. What's even better is when this tropical weather is enjoyed along the shores of the beach.
A visit to the Philippines is not complete without going to the beach. In fact for most visitors, this is the whole point. We have over 7,000 islands so we are spoilt for choice as to where to visit. I have to say though that Boracay, which we visited last December has to be one of the most beautiful in the country, and even (dare I say), of the world. It is a little island, South of Manila and accessible by plane. You land in a neighboring town and take a ferry to the island. Once there, it is over 3 kilometres of powdery white sand and coconut trees swaying in the breeze. The words heavenly and paradise come to mind once you kick off your shoes, slip into your bathing suit and lay down on one of the coconut mats that have been laid down for you in the beach. You don't really feel the need to move once you've installed yourself comfortably. Except perhaps to turn over so you tan evenly and nicely. Or perhaps to take a dip into the crystal clear sea that's so calm you can stay there till the sun sets. Then its an explosion of colors, purple, orange and red and what better way to enjoy that then in the water calmly floating.
This being the Philippines, people are anxious that you enjoy the most of your stay. So you'll never lack for food (copious quantities at the buffet table) or drinks (pandan water, dalandan juice or iced tea galore) and all the massages you might possible want, right by the beach. Every where you go, you are greeted by smiling faces, pleased that you've visited and hoping that it will not be the last.

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