vendredi 21 août 2009

When Victoria was young

Occasionally, I’ll succumb to the charms of a historical novel or movie and be swept away to some distant period or land. What better way than to brush up on history especially if its well written or in the case of a movie, well made. Remember Gladiator? Or even Elizabeth? These two were as gripping as any contemporary movie.

Recently, I treated myself to the Young Victoria. Starring Emily Blunt as the young Queen Victoria and Rupert Friend as Prince Albert, and Paul Bettany as Lord Melbourne, the movie tells the story of how Victoria comes to assume power upon reaching eighteen years of age. Inevitably she has to deal with those who would control the throne through her. While this movie may lack the power and drama of Elizabeth, it is nonetheless a light hearted and enjoyable movie. It is quite charming and spirited. It helps that both leads are quite good-looking. I also enjoyed watching a period of Queen Victoria's reign which hasn't really been the subject of as much movies or literature as her later years of reign. I mean, when you say Queen Victoria, you have an image of her in her dowager years dressed all in mourning clothes. It was nice to see her albeit through a movie, as a young royal. Perhaps its greatest strength as a movie is the portrayal of the burgeoning love between Alfred and Victoria. I came away quite liking Emily Blunt, but then again, she’s living up to the potential she showed in The Devil Wears Prada. Another good reason to watch the movie is to see Paul Bettany showing off considerable charm as the less than honest politician Lord Melbourne. I do wish, he would make more movies. Last time I saw him was The Secret Life of Bees. Its really too long in between his movies!

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