dimanche 9 août 2009

A day spent by the seaside

One fine sunny day early this summer, we had a hankering for some fresh sea air and while we were at it, some seafood.  And as this was a good opportunity to go out of the city, we decided to visit the seaside town of Deauville.   It is quite a popular town ever since its founding 1861 by the Duke of Morny.     My first impression was that of a rather wealthy town packed with exclusive stores that aren’t out of place in the upscale shopping areas of Paris.  Clearly shopping is on top of the agenda for visitors.  That said, shopping is not the only draw to Deauville. The town also hosts its own film festival in September, not to mention horse races in July, August and October.

And of course, let’s not forget the beach.  To see and be seen, the place to be is the Promenade des Planches, a 643 m-long boardwalk lined with cabins named after famous Americans (okay, most of the names are those of film stars).  If the beach is not your thing, there is an Olympic sized swimming pool where you can indulge in as many laps as you wish.

Of course, the point of our day being the fresh seafood, we settled on one of the restaurants along the Promenade.  Nothing fancy but they all exuded a friendly ambiance and the people seemed quite happy with their food. We settled quite happily for one called Le Bar du Soleil and our choice proved to be the right one.  Each of us ordered heaping seafood platters and our poor table was overwhelmed when they did arrived.  Our lunch consisted of piles of little sea snails, lots of rosy pink shrimps that were succulent and fresh as well as crab, plump and resplendent in its shell and everything washed down with a cool rose wine.  The fresh ocean breeze and golden sunlight provided a marvelous accompaniment to our repast and we were stuffed to the hilt when we finished.

It was certainly a group of happy campers that made their way back to Paris after that afternoon spent by the seaside.

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