vendredi 29 janvier 2010

Dining in the theatre

I love finding unusual dining places. It is even better when the quality of the food served is not overshadowed by the location. One such gem we found recently was the Café du Theatre de l’Odeon. I’ve never had the pleasure of watching anything at the Theater but I was glad to discover its environs in such a gastronomically serendipitous way. Behind its gracious neo-classical façade is a simple café serving a short but delectable list of dishes.

There are about 4 or 5 entrees to start with, notably a terrine of foie gras served with a crispy salad and a deliciously creamy potato soup laced with truffles. The soup was absolutely fabulous and only the strictest of manners and an absolute horror of making a fool of myself was all that kept me from licking the last vestiges of it from my bowl.

Main dishes were equally choice – among that night’s offerings were, filet of beef served with polenta made with greens rather than the traditional corn, magret de canard cooked just right, deliciously creamy risotto topped with parma ham and grilled gambas served with a side of Asian vegetables. All of us were fully satisfied with our respective choices and for a good five minutes after we were served, there was silence at the table as we savored our meal.

The only quibble I have with the Cafe, which hopefully will be ironed out, is the lengthy time we had to wait between our courses. Fortunately enough, the quality of the food and the beauty of the place was enough to offset such element. I’m happy to report that this is one address I’m keeping in my book!

Address: Place de l'Odeon 75006 Paris

Tel no 01 44 85 41 30

Open from Tues to Sun 12NN-23H, with interruptions during show times

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