lundi 30 août 2010

An afternoon at the Petit Palais

I've been immersed for the longest time in this enormous book that I haven't had much time to look up the city's current cultural offerings. That said, I tore myself away from the book to catch the YSL Retrospective at the Petit Palais. It has unfortunately ended and I am heartily congratulating myself for having gone. It was simply magnificent. It featured over 300 of his gorgeous and emblematic clothes and as such gave both a grand and intimate view of YSL's oeurve. I know the word genius is pretty much bandied about these days but there are times, such as now, when the word is merited. I don't presume to be a fashion expert but seeing the exhibit made me realize just how innovative and wonderful YSL's work is. Put in the context of those times, his clothes were really a breath of fresh air and its amazing to see how they've aged so well. There are a great number that one could, assuming money is no object, still wear today. Some outfits, notably the animal print inspired ones, are still very much the rage.

Aside from the beautiful dresses on parade, I loved the accessories and shoes that went with each piece. There were some exceptional ones that I wouldn't have minded coming back home with! I wondered if they were also YSL but the people I asked at the Petit Palais weren't sure. I'd like to think they are also part of the collection as they too had the signature YSL style.

The only thing I didn't like was the fact that we weren't allowed to take photos. And they seemed to be well aware that phones had cameras as every time I so much as looked at my phone, I had someone going "no photos please". What a bummer! Imagine then my surprise when a quick check online revealed photos taken by people at the exhibition. I guess they were far more audacious than I! These photos are courtesy of one such audacious blogger--Ritournelle, thank you for these photos!

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